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Hello everyone of this community!
I'm pretty new here to this blogging/ otaku network so I hope that you all don't mind me being here!
I've found some other anime and manga social networks, but it's always fun to look around at new networks, and to talk to other people about different things. Also, the other blogging network that I was usually on, is an app (called Anime Amino if anyone wants it) and I blog allot on there, but here, it's easier to type and people here might find it easier to write more things here, I hope everyone is as friendly here as they are on the other sights! OvO

Things you might be interested to know about me:
-My style preference on anime is romance/ action I don't like porn but romance is pretty cool
-my favorite color is purple and I love pastel colors
-Studio Ghibli are pretty awesome
-I play cello and piano
-I love cute Japanese/Chinese/Asian nicknacks! They're way better than american stuff ^^
-I love to read (yes manga included)
-I love writing too
-I'm a cancer (Zodiac star sign)
-was born in the year of the snake
-love blogging

ok, that's it for now, if you've read to the end, thanks for reading, and I hope to be your friend!! If you'd like to give me any tips on what to do in this site and any blogin tips I'd really aprecciate it! Thanks so much!! ovo
Just wanna get to know all of you!
Eriko-kun • 5:18 AM, 12/04/15
you can also open this site on your mobile. :)