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What my days usually are:
Its usually boring, always on the laptop, doing nothing but play games and watch anime. Sometimes read online. I check K-A every day, meaning I'll blog once or maybe twice everyday. While I blog, its usually stuff about me, or something that happened on that day. Just a couple hours ago, my friend live streamed and I was watching it. Wasn't really anything awesome, but it was fun. I also got my new shoes for when school starts. Got my supplies, though I still need a new binder. 8th grade is going to be a pain... but i really can't wait to see my friends again. biggrin

Why do I blog late at night?:
The reason why I blog so late at night (around maybe 12-5 AM) is because I feel more comfortable. There are days where I'm actually really tired, and days where I'm hyper and more active at night. Basically, I'm a nocturnal person. For others, this is a bit early, because we have different time span. For example, I entered this at my time around 1:47 AM, while this was entered around 6:47 AM.

And then some other stuff before I fall asleep:
I don't really know if I actually using this properly, but what the heck. biggrin So yea, I'm a nocturnal person, I watch anime, read manga, play games online all day. I'm not much of an outside person, but I go to work sometimes. (Though, I only gain a little out of it, but its better than nothing.) In some cases where I go outside, excluding school, are when i have to do something important, or go shopping, or going out to eat. Not much, but at least I go outside.

I hope all oh you guys enjoy the rest of your night/morning!

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Usual day for me
Tendou • 8:18 AM, 05/09/14
Thats exactly like me :) I feel so lethargic in the morning, and afternoons... everything I like to do is mostly at night
Sumisen • 5:32 AM, 23/08/14
nice! night-time blogging is more fun in my opinion.
glad we share a trait or staying up late.