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Day 12 - Saddest Anime Scene
oh, hush. don't lie to me. I know you cried. Even for those people who haven't watched Clannad: After Story can still find this scene tear jerking. If you didn't, then you must be a rock. Get away from me! Okay, now I'm gonna cry. (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞ First thing from daddy. UWAAAAAAAH! :'(

  •  08/10/14
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Ohohoho. You didn't just ask me to share Ushio crying in front of Tomoya, didn't you? Well, that seems to be the case!
Panda • 1:30 PM, 20/10/14
I agree, I ALMOST cried, almost . . .
Eriko-kun • 4:53 AM, 10/10/14
@trickertree - but most of it is because of stupidity of the big brother.
trickertreee • 2:27 AM, 10/10/14
Grave of the fireflies, numerous scenes.