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Day 13 - Anime Character You Are Most Similar To
Why? Mainly because I like planning things ahead. I don't like doing the Trial and Error method, I prefer analyzing the problem and then doing it after I have an idea on how to solve it. I prefer being the leader of the group because I want my decisions to be easily heard. Fun fact, I plan on uniting some of the Google+ pages in the future like LH's round table, but hey... that's after I make all my plans for this website real. :P Oh! I also wear glasses and my hairstyle is like that. xD

  •  09/10/14
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Tough question but I'll go with Shiroe from Log Horizon.
Tendou • 6:25 PM, 10/10/14
I have the glasses and hairstyle too but I don't really plan things for a long time, so I guess I would be like...Katsuragi Keima from the world god only knows, also because I play games alot and literally get nutrition from staring at a screen but I'll have to minus the luck with girls xP
Eriko-kun • 4:26 AM, 10/10/14
deshou?! :3
Sei-san • 1:54 AM, 10/10/14
The resemblance... I can see it XDD