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Day 1 of the Anime Challenge
This might be a bit confusing. Or not.
The first anime I watched when I first saw anime was Sailor Moon.
I mean, I did watch Digimon, Pokemon, etc. before, but I didn't know a thing about anime then.
(just for your information, i watched Sailor Moon in 6th grade. almost 2 years ago.)
I watched in English dub because, well, I wasnt accommodated to Japanese audio.
Needless to say, it started my turn to the anime world.
A while after this, I watched K-On! and it was great. I loved it.

(Day 1 complete!)
  •  05/09/14
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First anime you watched.
Eriko-kun • 0:37 AM, 06/09/14
I'm surprised that you first anime was sailor moon and it was two years ago. I watched sailor moon when I was a kid at one of our local TV.