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Day 1: Very First Anime You Watched
The way I came in contact with this is sort of funny; UFO Robot Grendizer was the first anime I watched as a kid. Its REALLY old, about 1975-1976. It used to be my DADS favorite anime, and he used to show it to me when I was younger. Obviously he didnt, know anything about the fact, that his favorite show was an anime, or what anime was, nor did I at the time:D Later I realized that Grendizer was an anime wink That was pretty funny... But yeah one of my earlier animes, right after this I used to watch Dragon Ball everyday.
  •  06/09/14
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UFO ROBOT Grendizer
Tendou • 1:41 AM, 06/09/14
Also these animes were aimed mostly at the middle east, Dubai etc. torkaizer was the first , and from there a lot of mecha anime started being serialized in the middle east
Tendou • 1:39 AM, 06/09/14
well Its not an anime most people would know about. You can google it, its like Torkaizer, or Mazinger, really early mecha animes. Im not even sure if websites still have it on their lists
Eriko-kun • 0:37 AM, 06/09/14
Why haven't I heard about that? O.O