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Day 1 - Very first anime you watched

YES. Sailormoon S! This is the VERY FIRST anime I have watched before Daimos, Voltes V or Dragon Ball Z! Remembering watching this home is really nostalgic, like I can still remember my old house back in the Philippines beside grandma's, sitting on a high chair made of rattan while mum is ironing clothes while watching this in RPN. Now at 20, learning that there's Sailormoon Crystal, I still feel like I was still that kid on a high chair. I think that was back 1998 or 1999.Good times biggrin
  •  05/09/14
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Eriko-kun • 0:35 AM, 06/09/14
HA! You're 20. You're getting old. xD J/K You and sumisen are the same. have you read his day 1 entry?