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Day 20 - Anime character that gets on your nerves
A character created to annoy the audience and it's working well on me. Seriously? xD I really hate him! lol

  •  11/11/14
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There's a lot of characters out there that I don't like but this season I really hate Tarou Takanashi of Shirobako.
Eriko-kun • 8:39 AM, 16/12/14
I love himeragi just because her Seiyuu is the same seiyuu of Kuriyama-san from Kyokai no Kanata. xD SENPAI!
Tendou • 5:55 AM, 26/11/14
I agree, but my all time hated one is Himeragi Yukina from Strike the Blood. She was too young to be the main love interest of the main character, and whenever he was about to do some solo epic fight, and said" this is my fight", she would always stand infront of him and say "No senpai this is our fight"