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Day 2- Favorite Anime Youve Watched So Far
Zero no Tsukaima [The Familiar of Zero]

I dont necessarily really like the storyline, but I love the character development, and really just how it has everything for everyone.
It has the beach scene, the loli, that one seductive girl, the really fat otaku boy, the bath scene, harem, ecchi, fantasy, action, romance, comedy, Slice of Life, Blood, Tsunderes, kuuderes, danderes, etc.
Theres literally nothing it doesnt have aside from mecha. It does focus a lot more on the romance part, but I personally in 256 series have never seen an anime that has all those cliche things we love which make anime anime xP
  •  06/09/14
  •  208
  •  Anime
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Day 2- Favorite Anime Youve Watched So Far