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Helping a friend with a business.
Guuuuuuuuuys. I'm sorry. I offered my friend who has a business a website. I told him that we'll split the earnings to 70/30 (I mean the website earnings). He agreed. He asked if I can do it before 19. I said okay. So yeah, I'll be postponing the news page. Sorry! I hope you'll forgive me. I still need to pay a debt of 350 dollars. xD I'm broke. :|
  •  10/09/14
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News page will be delayed.
Panda • 10:44 PM, 11/09/14
No problemo, best of luck buchou.
aoongaku • 9:11 PM, 10/09/14
Its fine. As long as its not going to be gone for good, then its okay.

Being broke hurts. I know that feel :|