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I can see the ending!
A year ago I opened this website the same time as the Google+ page. Back then I only have Yuki-chan to help me. It was a very exciting project for me. My first page on Google+ was Anime Section. It was fun at first, and I managed it alongside Tenk-kun. I quit from it a few months later because Tenk-kun left, and the other managers are not moving at all. I don't want to stop contributing to the anime industry on Google+ so I decided to create a Google+ page called Kuru Anime which means "Cool Anime."

After creating the page, I decided to make an information website for it. The website was originally intended to have news or contests announcement that the page will hold. I also decided that it will be a place to see the list of managers. As time pass by I decided to turn it into something else. I've sketched out a plan and then started coding. After two months I've finished it. Below are some print screens. biggrin

The problem with that design is you can't see what's inside of the website if you're not a user. That scared the visitors. Also, it's not responsive. So I had to give the website a redesign. I started in February. I closed the website and hoped that it'll only be for about a week. March came and the website is still closed. I didn't touch the website. I was doing some other things and nothing was pushing me to go back to creating the website again because no one's really visiting it before. I started working on it again at mid-march.

Everything was fine until June, things got a little bit complicated with me and my GF. She's fed up. What did I do? I man up. I said fine. Let's move on. I know it will be harder but that's what I think is best for both of us. I told my online friends about what's happening and why I'm depressed, they said that I shouldn't give up that easily. It hit me! I thought that I don't want to just give up on that 4 years. It made me sad. I suddenly miss her back then. It was a mistake and at the same time not a mistake. Mistake because after I said that I wouldn't give up, things got a little bit more complicated. I was crying for a whole month. Over and over and over again. There are too many times that I've said, "I'll respect your decision, I'll stop," but she can't move on, too. We're too attached to each other. In the end, we got back together.

July came! I'm still not in the mood to edit the site because I've stopped for a whole month. I can't remember what I left and I don't really have the will to continue it. I even thought of stopping entirely. At mid-july I started working on it again. It was slow at first but I got back to what I was before june. Things started to pick its pace a little.

August came and here we are. Almost at the finish line. It's been a long ride but the redesign is almost complete. It fits mobile screens very well. smile Tomorrow is the big day folks! I'll be finishing this website for good.
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A little bit of a look back.
Elexy • 12:41 PM, 26/08/14
Reminds me how one of my sites started, it started out as a place to find things fast but was a private site. The website started to get so big with content and downloads that eventually it was decided to make it a fully functional public site!
Sumisen • 4:32 AM, 21/08/14
this is so great because i remember all the original layout.
ganbatte, eriko-kun!
Panda • 9:47 PM, 20/08/14
I had no valentine story, ganbare
aoongaku • 8:30 PM, 20/08/14
Touching. At least its better than my Valentine story.