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My thoughts about the last storm that hit our country
I have no idea what's really happening there in Visayas (the part of the Philippines that got hit), but I will still share my reaction regarding the rumors that are spreading on social medias, and also my reaction about the things that people are saying. There are a lot of rumors going around, like Tacloban is in a state of Martial Law, people killing each other, looting, stealing, there's not really any fight, taxes being applied on donation, and much more. I've read so much that I think I need to vent all my frustrations here.

One of the things that I read is that China gave $100,000, and they attached a message to it saying "Here, have a measly $100,000 in aid." I don't know why some Filipinos are getting angry. It's not like they can give something much more valuable or higher than that. I know it's kind of annoying, but in this kind of turn of events they shouldn't be picky. It's funny, because the Filipinos that are complaining about how Chinese people are arrogant are the ones that are safe here in Manila. That fact is the only thing that makes them prideful. They should consider the fact that those people that got hit by the storm are in need of help. Even a single dollar counts for them.

Credits to Inquirer for this picture

I know that our country is corrupted, but applying taxes to donations? My goodness, that's insane! Do they know how hungry those people are? NO! Other countries have given a lot of donation, whether it's money, clothing or food; but did you know that none of that have been distributed? You read it right. The people there are suffering, and they say that they still need to inspect the donations. Seriously? Inspect $600,000,000,000 worth of donation, and get like half of it? Just between you and me; $100,000 is already missing. I know my country is corrupted, but why? Why are they still doing this when the attention of the whole world is gathered around us? Have they no shame? What's more? They only started cleaning, and saving people at day 5. Can you imagine those people that died in day 3? Or day 4? All I can do is pity those people. They could have been saved.

I'm ashamed of what's happening. I hope that UN gets involved more, because I think that our government can't do anything if they issue something. Our country can easily be doomed by neighboring countries that are bullying us if we get kicked out the UN treaty, that's the reason why I think UN is the only one who can set things straight.

A picture on Facebook also said that Tacloban is in a state of martial law. People can't sleep, because they are too scared that their belongings will be robbed by others if they take a rest. Gun shots can be heard, and people are killing each other for food. Some citizens are even afraid of the knocks that they hear at night at their doors. Police officers still can't do anything. I'm not surprised, considering that are government is busy counting their so-called taxes. I'm worried that this will still go on in the next few days. Why? Can anyone please tell me why this is happening to them? They do not deserve this! The fact that the donation by other countries can give each and everyone of them food to eat, and none of that's distributed makes me sad.

Another one that I can't believe is the thing about "Iglesia ni Kristo." There was some people who got stranded outside their house, they were afraid that they'll be swept by the flood. Fortunately for them, they saw the church of "Iglesia ni Kristo." Hoping that they can take shelter there, they knocked and asked for help. The next thing that happen looks like something out from a movie. They weren't let in. The people inside the church said that Roman Catholics are not allowed, they also said that they are the only ones that will get saved. What the hell? Are they a cult or something? There's also a tweet by one of the "Iglesia ni Kristo" members saying that "patay gutom ang mga katoliko" which means that Catholics are eager for food if directly translated in English. Although, the word that she's really saying is glutton. I can't believe them. I'm not saying that all of them are like that, it's just why didn't those people in the church help the people that are asking for just a mere shelter.

I've watched a movie called Tsunami last month. I think that's the reason why I'm worried for them. I can almost relate how hard it is. They are saying that they're walking for half a day just to get some food. I wish this will all just end. Also, please don't base your reactions on what you've just read. This is just my personal reaction. None of these is 100% accurate.
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