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Ongaku's Introduction
Hey guys of K-A, My online name is Ongaku Kun, but you can call me either Ongaku, or my real name, Simon. You may or may have not already seen me on G+, since I'm not on a lot.

What I like:
The things i like are anime, manga, and gaming. My top three animes are Guilty Crown, Dusk Maiden of Amnesia, and Eureka 7. The few games I play are Cosmic Break and osu!. But i am mostly on osu! Every day, so if you want to talk to me in-game, just PM me.

My personality:
I'm actually pretty mature for a thirteen year old, so that means I can have logical conversations, but that doesnt mean i dont have my immature and illogical moments. I can be a bit crazy sometimes, so beware.

Some other stuff: Anyways, I would love to talk to you guys more often. I hope we get more members. Introduce me to a game once in a while, maybe we can play sometimes. I am also taking anime recommendations, so, recommend me any anime!(and I mean ANIME.)

If you need anything else from me, dont hesitate to contact me. wink
  •  20/08/14
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Hey, just wanted to introduce myself.
Sumisen • 6:58 AM, 20/08/14
yo. nice to have you here.
Eriko-kun • 5:06 AM, 20/08/14
oh by the way. I've moved you to the group "knight" so you won't have to input captcha codes everytime. :D
Eriko-kun • 5:04 AM, 20/08/14
Welcome! :D I hope you'll be a regular here. :3