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That time of the year when you have to go to school. Im a freshman, but not too excited. All of my friends went to a different school than I did, and everyone who goes to the school that I go to to knows each other, so I have to be the complete loner. Not too bad however, I just go to the library after lunch and watch anime on my laptop... Well lately things are getting better, Im starting to adjust a bit.

During human geography class we had an assignment where we had to think of media for the terms given for example if it said forbidden love, or magic you had to name a movie or something on that topic... I heard Souleater, and Madoka Magica, and Ouran Highschool Host Club being mentioned while I was falling asleep, and I was all like "I HEARD ANIME" XD
  •  05/09/14
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OtakuDoubleBassist • 5:54 AM, 21/09/14
Hey don't worry you have friends now who care about you :) I'm glad I can geek out about anime with you for pretty much the entire second half of the day XD
Panda • 5:47 PM, 05/09/14
it'll be alright, that's how it happened for me