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Looks like every one of us are starting to have problems with school, huh? School here, school there, we can flip tables just thinking about school! School's not cool for me either especially our school here isn't as exciting as school in other countries (especially in the Philippines) where you're free to meet new people in your class.

So, what's boring about my school aside from that?


1. Your classmates in first year/10th grade will be your classmates up until 5th year/15th grade. In Italy, yes. unless there's a transfer student, YAY! NEW PERSON!
2. Your teachers as well. Whoever your teacher is in your first year will be your teacher until you graduate. But some teachers will inform you that we won't be your teacher next year but will be subbed by a terror one.
3 No school events such as prom, graduation ceremonies, or school festivals.

I guess that's all I can share you guys!

  •  04/09/14
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Panda • 12:45 PM, 05/09/14
I can't stand school, I feel for you kari-kun
Eriko-kun • 2:19 PM, 04/09/14
I like going to school, I just don't like having less time to work on the website. lol