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So yeah, sorry about this sudden notice, but I'll be off for the week for surgery. I'll be back tho! biggrin and will spam you with goodness and will be posting my experiences from the comic con I attended soon!

Oh yeah, I'm sorry that I couldn't finish the 30 day Anime Challenge but I'll continue when I get discharged. smile

See you in a week, Kuru Anime!

XOXO to all! ♥
  •  08/09/14
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Sumisen • 0:09 AM, 09/09/14
stay safe! don't become a half-ghoul! :D
aoongaku • 9:12 PM, 08/09/14
Surgery? Well, lets all hope it goes well and ends well. We'll be waiting! Come back healthy and happy. :D
Tendou • 6:01 PM, 08/09/14
Surgery :( for what? Are you okay?
Eriko-kun • 12:44 PM, 08/09/14
Surgery? D: