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Summary of Sumisen's Summer Sadness
Hey guys.
It's been a long time since this thing was working.
Anyways, I'm here to learn you a thing I learned myself just a few minutes ago.
Anime is addicting.
like seriously, my manga collection increase by like 30+ books in one summer.
I know you might be thinking "wow sumisu-chan that's so much manga lol get a life".
but I know you aren't

anyways, after this whole accident happened (two months), my mama
kaa-san busts in my room and says
" let's go to Cali "
like that was literally it
so we pack our bags in like one hour and we head off
i brought like 5 books of manga with me there
and it was fun
i found out my older cousin takes Japanese as her language studies at her high school
and that my other cousin that's 7 has Xbox Live.
great times.
a couple days later, we came back
and I returned with 10 books of manga.

moral of the story: don't become a chunnibyou or anything that's really bad and makes you look like a total weirdo.
a bit about my summer