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Important threads that should be read by the users.
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Thread: Staff Search!
Posted by: Eriko-kun
Website Updates
Changes on the website.
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Thread: Change Log
Posted by: Eriko-kun
Tournament & Contests
Image war, hashtag war, contests, and much more!
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Otaku Hub
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Thread: Favorite Genre of Anime?
Posted by: LandStrider
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Thread: Anyone already checked out t...
Posted by: lolapaolaberry7132
Light Novel
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Thread: What are your thoughts on Sp...
Posted by: Tendou
Visual Novel
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Thread: Yuzakara o Mitsumete Twiligh...
Posted by: Panda
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Thread: Anyone here like Vocaloid?
Posted by: Tendou
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Thread: Recommendations?
Posted by: Panda
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Thread: Fairy Tail Figmas
Posted by: Tendou
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Thread: What is a Nendoroid?
Posted by: Panda

Fresh and new? Introduce yourself!
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Thread: Hairu!
Posted by: lolapaolaberry7132
General Talk
Random communication with other users.
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Thread: You're forever stuck in ...
Posted by: AdamTheChespin
Music & Video
Share your favorite video or music to everyone!
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Thread: Dream Chaser
Posted by: Elemenergy
Image Board
Pixiv, Konachan, DeviantART, and much more!
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Forum Games
Random forum games!
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Thread: I control the hill.
Posted by: Illumineko
Other Languages
Don't speak English well? Want to talk to others in your native language? This is the forum for you.
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Thread: Philippines
Posted by: MatthewThePiano

Archive [Archive]
The threads that are no more relevant but still might be useful.
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Thread: Advertise on Kuru Anime!
Posted by: Eriko-kun
Redirected, old and similar threads.
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