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About Us
Bringing you anime goods in a kuru way!
Our Story
When did we start?
A page in Google+ that started back in May 21, 2013. Kuru Anime started as just a simple content-sharing page; those contents are always related to anime. The page started small and then eventually grew to what we are now. Nowadays we serve you anime episodes, anime news, podcasts and many more! Kuru Anime is growing as time passes by. Our journey is just starting.
The Team
C.E.O. & Founder
A website developer/designer and a wannabe entrepreneur based in the Philippines.
Website Moderators
Product Managers
What can you do here?
Kuru Anime is a website for anime, or any Japanese-related, lovers around the world. Interact with others, watch anime, write a blog about a comic-con event, and much more! Kuru Anime is a fun place to hang out, but you can make it much more fun. Invite your friends, or make new friends to maximize the fun!
Our headquarters is located in the Philippines. It's a small bungalow type of house with a 2mbps internet connection. Please keep in mind that Kuru Anime is still not a proper company. We're a rising company and our headquarters is still not that big so looking for us might be hard. If you want to visit us you're free to do so.
Mission & Vision
Our plans and goals.
The mission of Kuru Anime's website is to connect all the followers of Kuru Anime, and give them a network more focused on anime. We also aim to give our users all their anime needs; from watching anime to listening to podcasts about anime. We'll give it all.
A place where everybody can feel at home. Our goal is to create a fun place for all anime lovers. A place where everybody can post pictures, write a blog, post a thread, watch anime, and much more! We also want Kuru Anime to be a place where you can read anime news daily. It won't be easy, but it can surely be done.
El. Psy. Congroo.
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