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Welcome to Kuru Anime community! A place where you can post your drawings, blogs, ideas and much more! Signing up is free and always will be.

Kuru Anime can be viewed on the go! It doesn't matter whether you're on your desktop or on mobile because the website will fit your screen! It's the same everywhere!
Kuru Anime consists of chess-based users. We have pawn, knight, bishop, rook, queen and king. New user is set to the group pawn to avoid spammers and is verified after being active.
Your drawings can be posted on the Drawing page of the website. It can be shared to people not just from Kuru Anime but also outside of it.
Write stories about aliens, zombies, espers or just about anything! Tell us your life story or just write a diary and share it with people who share the same interest as you.
A simplified discussion module for regular users. The topic is general and you can talk about random things that come to mind. Posting options are very limited in the Discussion page.
The forum section of Kuru Anime consists of threads that an otaku might find interesting. Also, posting replies and topics have vast options to choose from!