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We do not own the images that we, and the users of Kuru Anime, are using unless otherwise stated. All the images belong to their respective owners.

The following is a disclaimer for every module here on our website.
  • Chat - The links that are shared on our home page may, or may not be, owned by the user who shared it. We are not responsible for the links that they share. However, if proven yours, we can remove the link.
  • Profile - Since not everybody can create their own cover photo, most of the time they'll be taking pictures from around the web. If proven that the cover photo that they are using is yours, we can always take it down; and ask them to use another image. If by chance we're stealing some bandwidth, because of the users hotlinking images for their cover photo; please state the user who's doing it so we can remove his/her cover photo.
  • Drawing - We give the users the ability to include the source to where the drawing has been taken. If the drawing that a user posted is proven yours, please give us a link so we can give the drawing a proper source.
  • Blog - Unlike the photo module, the blog module doesn't have a source. The blog module is intended for users to write their own blogs, and not get one from the web. If you own the blog that they have posted, just ask us; and we can talk about it.
  • Discussion - Like the chat, the discussion page works the same but it is much more filtered and moderated. The disclaimer of this module is the same as the Chat's disclaimer.
  • Forum - The forum module is used for communication and sharing things. So anything shared here will not be given that much attention in terms of copyright.
Please use the contact page or just leave Eriko-kun a message if you have any concern. It's good having business with you.