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Get traffic from Kuru Anime! If you want otakus to visit your website then our advertising program is for you! Is it still not a convincing deal? How about paying only for the plans that you need? It's possible!
Why advertise on Kuru Anime?
Attract otakus If you're running a site about anime or anything that an otaku might find interesting then you're at the right place. With Kuru Anime's advertising program you can attract otakus so that your website will have the right visitor.
Scale using We use to track the clicks and other important information about your ads' link. With you'll have an idea if you're getting what you paid for. Also, since is owned by Google, you're sure that the analytics that you're seeing is legit.
Set your ad priority You can choose between three priorities. Those priorities are low ($5.00), medium ($10.00) and high ($15.00). The advertisement slots on the right of the website rotates different ads randomly. The higher the priority, the more chance that it'll be shown more often.
Pay per click You can choose between four PPC programs. Those programs are 500 clicks ($30.00), 1000 clicks ($50.00), 2000 clicks ($80.00) and 5000 clicks ($200.00). With the PPC program your ad won't disappear unless it has met the clicks that you paid for.
Pay by time span You can choose between four time spans. Those spans are 1 month ($6.00), 3 months ($16.00), 6 months ($26.00) and 12 months ($40.00). With the time span program your ad won't disappear until the days that you paid for are met.
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