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Bring more colors to the Blog page!

The blog page is useful. Trust me. You can teach us what you know, recommend anime that you like, talk about your day or just about anything! There's one problem, though; how can your blog stand out from the rest? Simple! Use the new feature that I implemented! Add a picture to your blog and the first picture will automatically be the thumbnail of your blog! Use it to your own advantage. If you're talking about a particular anime then add a picture of that anime so that we'll know at first glance what anime you're talking about.

Another feature that you can use is the ability to use HTML, CSS and JavaScript on your blogs. If you know some simple CSS techniques, like changing the background of your blog then you can definitely add a unique feeling to your blog. Be careful, though! If you're not that familiar with the template of the website then you might destroy some parts of it if you're using excessive codes. There are tutorials over the world wide web that you can read to learn more about the languages that I mentioned above.

One last thing, use the short description to your advantage, too. Unlike the first attached image, your short description will also be shown at the categories page. It's the biggest factor to make your blog stand out from the rest. You can copy a part of your blog on the short description if you're too lazy to think of one. If it's left blank then the default "Short description is not available" will be shown.

Well, it doesn't matter how easily your blog can be noticed if the content is not that interesting so before focusing on your audience, focus first on your content.

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Add images to your blogs whenever you're posting so that you can catch our attention. Be creative!
Panda • 8:13 PM, 06/10/14
You're amazing, Eriko-sama! you got this stuff down!