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Day 1: Very First Anime You Watched
The way I came in contact with this is sort of funny; UFO Robot Grendizer was the first anime I watched as a kid. Its REALLY old, about 1975-1976. It used to be my DADS favorite anime, and he used to show it to me when I was younger. Obviously he didnt, know anything about the fact, that his favorite show was an anime, or what anime was, nor did I at the time:D Later I realized that Grendizer was an anime wink That was pretty funny... But yeah one of my earlier animes, right after this I used to watch Dragon Ball everyday.
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UFO ROBOT Grendizer
Tendou • 1:41 AM, 06/09/14
Also these animes were aimed mostly at the middle east, Dubai etc. torkaizer was the first , and from there a lot of mecha anime started being serialized in the middle east