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Turns out I can't be on much :(
What happened?:
Well... I have to fix a friend's laptop. Turns out its 10 years old and has a virus in it. It'll be hard to fix, but its for a friend, so i'll be alright. I'm not much of a computer wiz, but i'll hope to fix her laptop. > < Then, I have to prepare for school. And you know what that means... "school shopping." Meaning, I'll have to look for clothes for school, new shoes, some supplies(got them already.) and then I have to find my binder, which is somewhere in this crazy household.

When you'll be on?:
I don't really know... but know that i will be blogging mostly at night, but that doesn't mean every day anymore. ;( I'll try and be active as much as I can, but for now, I have to find time to do all my other stuff(homework, work, etc.) and i hope you guys don't mind. Even if there are little amount of people here(I don't mean to offend), I'm still worried what will happen here. Because you guys are friends I made here. (@-@ )

And then some other stuff:
The sum everything up, I'll be busy with life, and not enough time to watch anime and manga, or play video games(Which really breaks my heart.) But, I'll still be keeping up with my anime, even if I have to stay over night. I'll even post maybe once or twice a week.

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. smile
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Got informed on how busy I will be for a while.
Panda • 12:17 PM, 23/08/14
School is a drag . . . best of luck to anyone who wholeheartedly accepts that school is very soon to be in session