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 1     Su, 05/07/15, 4:08 PM
Hey, my name is Bonnie, but you can call me Keijimura if you like! c:
I've been a long time fan of Anime and Manga but have only ever read a few titles since I've been in education for a while (not really having the time or friends to share my interests with also made it harder), however I found this website and I thought it would be nice to try it out!

I create a lot of artwork ranging from stylised OC's, unique paintings and anime/manga styled fan art too! I also play a lot of video games. c:

How are you guys? c:
Keijimura - Su, 05/07/15, 4:09 PM
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 2     Su, 05/07/15, 8:29 PM
hi there. smile it's a little bit boring here at the moment because I'm busy creating a new design for the whole website... I'm the only one who's developing the site, maintaining it, marketing it, etc. so now that I'm busy with the redesign, there's lesser traffic. please bear with me. smile if you wanna see the new design being developed you can use the link below.

thanks for joining KA. smile Hope to see you around in the future. biggrin
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Forum » Discussion » Introduction » Hello~!
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